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 Extra Number / Virtual Number

 This is the Value Added  Service (VAS) for telecom service providers.

 The VAS allows a mobile subscriber to use one handset with multiple phone numbers.

Make and receive voice calls from up to ten extra phone numbers temporarily or permanently assigned to the primary number.

Send and receive text messages (SMS) from up to ten extra phone numbers temporarily or permanently assigned to the primary number

Caller ID on incoming and outgoing Virtual Number calls

Flexible schedule per virtual number

Independent from the handset model. It works on all legacy and the latest devices.



Filtering incoming voice calls and SMS messages to avoid unwanted communication

Filter outgoing messages for parent / corporate control

User-friendly web interface, SMS / USSD commands or USSD menu for the subscriber

Market target – all subscribers



  • Outgoing call by USSD request and reception of an incoming call from the platform
  • Using cheap long distance / international channels to reduce OPEX and attract more calls
  • Market target – subscribers in roaming

Call / SMS with a chargeback (Call Collect)

  • The possibility of a call / SMS to which the receiver will pay
  • Market target – all subscribers, it is convenient for children, etc.

Other service solutions

IVR Platform

  • Distributed platform on IMS technologies for voice menu
  • IVR-as-a-service for corporate / other subscriber
  • Support of RBT/RBM/RFT


  • Flexible scenarios for creating new services based on arbitrary logic
  • Services: prefix-less dialing of internal numbers for FMC, selling “800” numbers, RADIUS / Diameter charging, support technologies for MVNO …
  • Proxy to IN platform, DBMS requests, all in one

Voice Mail

  • Dynamic boxes on demand with the specified maximum volume and service life time
  • IVR, Web, MMS, Mail access to records
  • MCA functions

MVNO Platform

  • HLR + STP + billing SCP + USSDGW + SMSC + G-MSC + VM
  • Can be added: billing + GGSN + MMSC + LI
  • From 50 thousand to 5 million subscribers

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We have completed many successful development projects and currently are working on several ones. Some finished and ongoing projects are listed below. Get in touch if you need additional information on a project.

“Security Mind”

This is a complex solution for the recognition of the objects on images taken by industrial X-Ray screening systems and further processing and classification of recognized objects. The result of the research and development will contribute significant benefits to users of air transportation services, government procurement agencies, private sector equipment manufacturers, and to the international community that shares a safer air transportation infrastructure.


“7D” is a social voting project based on a creative innovative algorithm developed by Hansa Telecom company.


 Computer tomography scan visualization system

  • HoloTeeth allows dentists to see CT scans in the form of a hologram
  • The final image can also be displayed on a computer or tablet screen: Hololens can broadcast Mixed Reality stream
  • HoloTeeth can display holograms with reference to the patient’s face with high tracking accuracy using special markers

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